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The MindPrint experience
Justin Timberlake -
the hottest name in pop business. Recently awarded as
“iTunes Artist of the year” and with more than 40 million facebook fans
behind, Timberlake's success story continues.

Currently he is on the
road with his giant “The 20/20 Experience
World Tour
”, which leads him through every continent in
2014. He will also play some shows in MindPrint's home country Germany, all
of them already sold out.

Timberlake's long-term FOH engineer Andy
just sent us a photo of his work station. In his side
rack, you can see 6 rack units equipped with MindPrint. Two DTC are supplied with submixes from the digital
desk. The with analog EQ and tube compressor enhanced signals are then sent to
the PA system.

For more information about the "20/20 Experience World Tour" visit justintimberlake.com .
See if he's coming
to your town in the tour date
New drivers for MindPrint USB devices
Driver manufacturer usb-audio did a great job compiling new drivers for our USB interfaces.

There are new drivers for TRIO USB and DI-MOD USB available, each for Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.8.

Check the download-section for free download.
Guns N' Roses with two DTC
The legendary 80ies band around front man Axl Rose are currently rocking the world with their "Chinese Democracy" Tour. They're touring Europe 'till end of October, then they move over to Australia to sing about "November Rain".

Recently, G N' R system engineer Andy Walker got in contact with us, assisting FOH engineer Andy Meyer in search for analogue outboard with EQ and tubes, to put the cherry on the cake of their PA sound. As more and more live acts now discover the benefits of the DTC for touring, they were very keen to check it out for the Guns N' Roses production and ordered two units.

After the first shows with the red channel strips in use, Andy Meyer states: "The MindPrint DTC's have performed beyond my greatest expectations. They are very musical and have added a level of warmth and clarity unlike anything else I have ever applied to my L+R mix bus. I now get to enjoy the clarity and precision of digital with the warmth and vibrance of analog.
To achieve this out here on the Guns N' Roses tour we take AES out of the console into the AES/EBU digital module installed in the DTC, then feed our digital crossovers from the DTC AES output. This gives me unbelievable dynamic control over the system. The equalization is second to none, and the tube limiting/compression allows you to master your mix without any dynamic loss whatsoever when applied appropriately.

I will be applying these units not only on the mix bus, but as mic preamps for my artist vocal inputs. The 5 kOhm impedance of the Hauffe transformer is a brilliant idea. Nothing sounds like this preamp. Hearing this applied to a vocal through an enormous PA system really demonstrates how fantastic this preamp, and the DTC as a whole sounds. There are so many applications for the DTC. How about lower end digital consoles, you can bypass the consoles DA converters by going AES into the DTC and XLR line level out. There isn't a single piece of audio gear this versatile that sounds this good. I'm a big fan, you will be too."
Jeff Waters - 'pure annihilation'
Jeff Waters. Head of the Canadian thrash metal band ANNIHILATOR. Guitar god. Studio owner/ music producer/ sound engineer in one person. Over 20 years in business. Piled with countless awards.

Now the question is: what technique does such a legend use in his studio? What’s the equipment he entrusts his from thousands of people worldwide as referee celebrated guitar sound? Certaily the noblest preamps, vintage EQ’s and rarest compressors money can buy. Probably top secret…

But wait! What do we see in the video of Jeff presenting his “Epiphone Flying V Signature“ guitar, where we can get a glimpse in his legendary Watersound Studio's control room? There on the left side over the rope lights - yes, a DTC with its mysteriously glowing “bullseye“!


As the DTC acts very musical and transparent, it doesn’t change the sound characteristics and so is the perfect recording tool for Jeff’s genius guitar sound.

Not only in this video but also on the new album "ANNIHILATOR“, the DTC has been used not just for the guitar…
The MindPrint DTC. To be heared (respectively not;) on ANNIHILATOR and many other international hit productions.
Pendulum at Number 1!
Pendulum, one of the greatest electric bands of our time, have just released their new record "Immersion".
The west Australian drum’n’bass rocker's third studio album has 15 brand new tracks to offer and just went straight into the official UK Album Chart at NUMBER 1.
Their first two albums went platinum, so let's wait and see where this one ends up. :-)

During recording "Immersion", a MindPrint DTC was deployed. The charismatic LED-port light of the DTC can also be seen in the video interview "Pendulum at EarStorm".

This year, Pendulum will go on tour severely and play at some of the biggest festivals, to make the crowd’s blood boil at venues like "Rock am Ring" Germany, "Leeds Festival" England and "RockNess Festival" Scotland.
See full tour dates of upcoming Pendulum concerts at http://www.pendulum.com/.
"Immersion" release date in Germany is 04 June 2010, other countries to follow soon.

P!NKs Funhouse Summer Carnival
After the giant success of the "Funhouse" Tour in 2009, P!NK will be playing 30+ stadium gigs for her fans all over Europe to celebrate the "Funhouse Summer Carnival". It was also confirmed that P!NK will headline music festivals throughout Europe during the tour.
In a radio interview she disclosed that there will be a new setlist and even some new stunts, confirming that the tour isn't just a continuation of her previous tour.

P!NK is really looking forward to the "Funhouse Summer Carnival", her fans and her special guests like Gossip, Paolo Nutini, Good Charlotte and OneRepublic.
Butch Walker stated that he plans on performing a duet with P!NK at selected shows. For part of a song, P!NK is in a large ball, crawling above the hands of the audience.

Also involved are sound engineer Chris Madden, who will bombard the fans with a live-sound in the desired quality of a CD, and his secret weapon, his DTC that also goes well together with the colour of the stage curtain (see Chris at FOH;-)

The "Funhouse Summer Carnival" will be an unforgettable P!NK concert and a must see for 2010. Get the party started!

live summer 2010
It’s gonna be a hot summer, replete with amazing concerts and big Open Air Festivals. 2010 has many acoustical treats to offer.

Also some of our MindPrint artists are on tour again – joined by our red channel strips.
You can find MindPrint equipment at concerts of Mando Diao, PINK, PUR or The Prodigy, just to name a few.
We’ll keep you updated…
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